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Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Medical Directives



Simple Will:  $500

This office defines a simple will as one where the client plans to leave the entirety of his or her estate to a spouse, children, or another specific individual.  This office will also prepare a will with specific monetary or real property bequests to up to five individuals.  If the client requires a more complex will or preparation of a trust, he or she will be referred to another law office.

Power of Attorney:  $125

A Power of Attorney is a powerful document in which the client grants signature authority to an agent of his or her choosing.  This agent can be spouse, child, or trusted friend. 

Advanced Medical Directive and Living Will:  $125

Planning ahead before a medical emergency can save a family from the grief making difficult decisions in what they think the client would want them to do.  An advanced medical directive and living will allows a client to decide ahead of time who will make such decisions and detail what type of medical services the client prefers or does not prefer in the event of incapacity.

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